Your Ugly DEMOS

by Your Ugly Sister

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Four demos of four new tracks to be recorded and featured on our next album "Slaves" coming soon on Cassette and LP with Lolipop Records


released March 22, 2013

Songs written by Your Ugly Sister
Recorded and mixed by Kevin Nichols



all rights reserved


Your Ugly Sister Laguna Beach, California

Your Ugly Sister is a Laguna Beach Rock/Grunge/psychedelic band Consisting of Kevin Nichols (Guitar and vocals) Dylan Del- Piezzo (Bass) and Elliot Glass (Drums) all age 17. Previous members:
Jason Shapero
Sam Thornton- (<--Sam's new band)
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Track Name: Pornographicisticult
Happy rainbows, While gnawing at your bones
Take off all your cloths, Promise nobody will know
My, My intentions are not good
You, You don't know what you should
Sing a song inside your head
to make you feel less bad
think about givin' those legs a close
but in your head the song goes
And you never did think it couldn't happen to you
and I saw it comin'
and you know that this couldn't happen to me
but see it when you watch TV
and you know that this couldn't happen to me
not in my misery
and you know that this couldnt happen to you
Track Name: You Don't Like It
I wanna see you come down
I want under your skin
And i know you're not playin
a game that i can win
I'm going door to door now
I fall into your lap
and all i know is one thing
and i know that it's a fact
You think it's a minor problem
but to me it's more like a sin
when they learn you're being naughty
they will never find you body
you don't see it
You don't see it
and i know its a god-damn shame
I have to forget your name
You don't see it
You don't see it
You Dont
Like It x3

..You're you're in your room
and it's a tomb and it's a tomb
outside looking in
we cannot win
we cannot win
You, you don't like it
no not one bit
no not one bit
You you don't like it
No not one bit
no not one bit
Track Name: Wampon Tasted
get tampon wasted
you wanna
get wampon tasted
and you said that wanna get tampon wasted
but you don't wanna shove it up your butt
and i told you i'm not homophobic
but i think this shits nuts
i don't give a shit x2

I got
from the wampon
I tasted
and I'm not
gay but
I stick it in
my butt
The Look on
your face
tells me
you wanna taste
so let me
shit it out
so you can
open your mouth
Track Name: A Hate Song
Dear myself, I do have some
complaints for you to hear
and if I do say so my self
I say I should adhere
tooooo x4

And if All the pills in my body
do match my level of skill
yeah right I reach that hardly
usually I just end up


Whoooa It's making me ill to the bone
whooaa I'm dead and not answering the phone
whoooa a super fly nilly-willy
whoooaa bet you ima die before im 30

I've been thinking bout you
i wanna know
how you do what you do
i wanna know
and im slipping into
i wanna know
and im going unto
i wanna knoww

I'm running away away
you knew this was comin' along
and it's okay okay
I'm just here singing this song
and i'm still wayyayyayy
ting for the things that you should say
back to me
and i will stand up