Slaves (DEMO)

by Your Ugly Sister

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released October 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Your Ugly Sister Laguna Beach, California

Your Ugly Sister is a Laguna Beach Rock/Grunge/psychedelic band Consisting of Kevin Nichols (Guitar and vocals) Dylan Del- Piezzo (Bass) and Elliot Glass (Drums) all age 17. Previous members:
Jason Shapero
Sam Thornton- (<--Sam's new band)
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Track Name: Slaves
Do ya feel lucky punk
is that the question today?
cuz I lucky as fuck
and things are gonna go my way.
You can scream and cry
it's not gonna change my mind anyway
and I can't explain
how I'm a Flesh-sack slave of my brain

We're all our own slaves
We're all our own slaves

Lisa wants to be a doctor
but shes not sure in reality
Too bad she'll never concur
that those negative feelings
they're only you versus you
they don't really choose anything
we need to shut them out
and live our lives as king

We're all our own slaves
We're all our own slaves
Track Name: Bloodlust Blues
I can't sleep
I got the bloodlust blues
Slash,shoot, and stab
til' I'm down to you
Feel more numb after each one
Last one was actually kinda fun

Went down to a peaceful place
found a lady, and smashed her face
stop and stare oh I don't care
the blood on my hands
isn't goin anywhere
Shot down this clown
in the center of town
on his knees
I made him beg and plead
A bang and i'm glad
This one didn't feel as bad